Ecokaya aims to delivers world class investment and capital market solutions to our clients and investors. We do this by:

Attract and retain the best expertise from respective investment fields.

- Provide flexible capital solutions and highly professional management which are aligned to the interests of our clients.

Dedicated to long term value creation and sustainable growth for our investors.

Ecokaya has a value-oriented investment philosophy, emphasizing risk-control, consistency and specialization, with a focus on bankable assets in strong markets that offer a margin of safety.

The Eagle symbolizes our way to do business, flying out of the wing. For centuries, these seemingly larger-than-life birds have fascinated and inspired us with irrefutable Leadership characteristics. Vision, fearless, tenacious, high flyers are some of the features that makes them excellent hunters. And Green is our faith to grow in a big potential market, with energy and mineral resources.

This will be the thought that will drive us to hunt the mozambican market trough our investment tools and put the Eagle symbol on its position. (©)

Lets do it now