5 Skills to Becoming a More Effective leadership Manager – Improve yourself now. Case one – Human Resources Management.

Follow these management tips to turn your business better and unique.

We frequently see in our reality, that there are few companies led by efficient leaders. We see, frequently, that majority of the companies are led by chiefs/headmen that do few or nothing at all to maintain a connection with their co-workers. The sequence follows, a headman who gives orders, does not collaborate, a headman who gives orders, does not mobilize, a headman who gives orders, does not teach, a headman who gives orders, does not educate nor encourage. A headman who gives orders and is not a role model, doesn’t get to any results, or if he does, there are not for a long term or sustainable. Clearly, collaborators tend to live in a less encouraging environment. An environment in which, most of the times, they are not understood and don’t have space to participate and be heard.

What positive results could come from a company or organization, if their collaborators took it as their own?

At first sight it might seem odd or unthinkable that a collaborator might have such willing, when clearly that is the most viable way for collaborators to do more and better, after all, who is it that doesn’t do all the efforts for his family or for the growth of his own patrimony? A leader has an overriding role for the success of the business. Because its him, he one who defines strategies and plans and consolidates them, directing his collaborators for an efficient and effective implementation.

This leader might not have all the knowledge, but has the capacity to choose the best collaborators according the needs of each field, and mobilize them to execute their tasks with passion and enthusiasm.

Well, if the management of the company is not being done in the best way possible, concerning its human resources, then it must be reformulated, reinvented, done differently, and here are some tips:

1. Concept of Family

Organize your company in a different way, where information, knowledge and values belong to you connection with your co-workers. Create and practice a organizational culture where the spirit’s group, of a family, of a clan is transported to the company. Define your company’s features, values and principles so your co-workers may have the group to belong into.

Act like a father, friend who educates, teaches, and acknowledges when good actions are practiced and led to good results. But don’t lose your authority, know how to call for attention in a polite way, and in a reserved space, always in the perspective of stimulating your co-worker into learning and growth.

Make it feel like each and every co-worker is important to the company’s family, that if everybody performs their own role in their best, the result shall be a collective gain in which shall benefit, in a particular way, each one of the co-workers.

2. Leadership

Act like a leader, develop your capacity of stimulate your co-workers, as a group in a sense of pursuing the established objectives. Adequate your type of leadership in order to meet you company’s needs, do the combination of all the dimensions, the actual circumstances in where it lies.

In such way, be managerial, supportive, participative, adopting each one of these behaviors, according to the situation being dealt.
Know how to mobilize, motivate and find a way to make of what you do a true devotion, express and show that feeling freely.

Become the example, the synergistic effects replicate if your co-workers love what they do.

3. Establish an adequate human resource’s policy

Focalize in staff, and have in mind that the impact of the decisions from management lies in the staff. Do the departmental integration, encouraging departments or organizational unities to act in a coordinated and interdependent way. Validate the importance of the internal client. Establish rules and internal procedures and transmit that information to your co-workers, providing supervision and control. Set up criteria of rewarding, such as increase of salaries and promotions, according to each performance, make it public and adequately know how to take in consideration, of who produces more results.

Invest in trainings for your co-workers, approach them into participating and sharing their personal life difficulties and aspirations. Be an active ear, taking their story as your own, and know how to react, responding to the expectations in a democratic, consistent and efficient way.

4. Build up the cultural net of your organization

Build your company’s paradigm, know which are the fundamental values of you organization and mobilize your co-workers to assimilate them. Traduce them into myths, rituals, symbols and strategic objectives of organization, from where, through routines within the organization it might be easy to identify, shared and replicated. Set specific and measurable goals with your employees, and monitor their progress. Organize ways of integrate your co-workers more, promoting artistic and internal groups, intellectual groups, debates, birthday parties and other social informal meetings between co-workers.

Attach in the net, the structure of power, organizational structures and a control system to balance the rights with the duties to be accomplished, allowing doing the supervision and also give a little push to those who meet up with their duties, those who are not competent and efficient, or to those who are not properly acculturated.

5. Knowledge and learning

Socrates once said – “one thing I know, that I know nothing”, practice this search for learning, like and exercise for growth, know more about your company, about management, evaluate the competition, upgrade yourself according to the markets changes, listen to your co-workers, understand you clients and live each step at the time. Do not be afraid of making a mistake or failing by trying something new, but also know when to take responsibilities when failures occur, and retreat the necessary enough to give a jump forward.

Be honest with what you know and know how to gather around you the most competent staff in their acting fields, learn with them and show how important is that growth. Become this low-pass flight “learning by doing”, readapting yourself, reinventing in the needed times, just to position yourself like a real eagle in the market where you act. And remember that your organization is, indeed, you. Change, grow, envolve and remind yourself that nobody will do for you, and readapting Ghandi, I repeat become the change that you wish to see in your company.

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5 Skills to Becoming a More Effective leadership Manager – Improve yourself now. Case one – Human Resources Management.